The "Reverse Seduction" Principle - How To Get A Woman To Approach You Instead

By Derek Rake
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You might have noticed that some men 'gets it easy' when it comes to women. They don't seem to need to do anything, but women flock to them in droves. What is their secret?

Now look a little closer and you will find that these men have something in common. They are totally in love with life, and is relentlessly pursuing their interests and passions. Additionally, they are easy (and look willing) to be approached.

For example, take a look at rock stars. While some of them are fairly good looking, a good number of them are hardly handsome in a traditional sense. However, they score with the most beautiful women - just think Tommy Lee and the scores of movie stars he has slept with.

These are the men who know what they want, and have succeeded in getting it. They might not have money or power, but they remain highly desirable for women.

You can replicate their success by living a life which is full of passion. Also, make yourself approachable. The third step in the formula is to go where the women are. Be where there are loads of women, and it is natural for you to be talking to them. Examples of these places are - gyms, churches and charity organizations. Some other ideas include yoga retreats and social events.

Remember the three steps you need to take - (1) pursue your passion, (2) be approachable, and (3) go to where women are likely to talk to you, and women will be picking you up in no time, guaranteed.

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